The Race to be Right

We all know this is a time of much uncertainty, of unsung heroes, difficult decisions and changes in our relationships. We hope you are coping well through all of this.

This note is about one small part of your life, hockey within the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL). We plan to send a you a version of this on a regular basis to help keep you informed.

In a few days you will receive what we hope you think is a straightforward questionnaire about your thoughts on the possible return of hockey. We want to get it right, and to do that we need to understand your concerns.

Did you see the note last week from Hockey Canada? You can read it here. As well, Tom Renney, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Hockey Canada did an interview with Gino Reda of TSN. It’s about nine minutes long and is mainly about restarting hockey. Here is a quote from Tom: “This is not a race to be first, this is not a race to be first on the ice with whatever it might look like, this is in fact a race to be right.”

The GTHL is part of that race to be right. We have had four phone calls with officials from our more than 50 clubs and 30 plus house league organizations, we are consulting with government committees, we are contributing to discussions and task forces with the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and Hockey Canada and we are consulting with public health officials.

As part of the race to be right, we want to know what your main concerns are as we plan potential return-to-play scenarios. By filling out this GTHL Parents Survey, you will allow the GTHL to better plan for the future.

The discussions current taking place behind the scenes are numerous because there are many topics that need to be resolved. They range from clean and safe dressing rooms, travelling to tournaments, safe face shields and proper distancing of people in the stands.

We suggest you regularly check out our website for the latest information.

Expect that questionnaire in a few days and you will hear from us again with more specific information! Any questions, please sent an e-mail here to Adrienne Middlebrook of the GTHL.

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