Taking a Shot at COVID

Sitting in a virtual classroom alongside his friends and fellow GTHL players, 12-year-old Max Lorber was learning about the power of giving back. Inspired by some charity-driven initiatives of some fellow classmates, Max and his friends started their own campaign with the intention of getting kids active while raising money for COVID research.

“It’s a one-month effort that started on May 17, with a goal of raising at least $2500 for Sunnybrook Hospital,” explained Max. “Kids can participate by committing to taking 1000 shots over the next month – hockey, basketball, soccer or whatever sport they like – which is a great way to support a good cause and keep focused on our sports.”

Within days of launching, the “Take Your Shot to Fight COVID-19” campaign raised more than $2300 for COVID research. Now surpassed the original goal, Max hopes the campaign can raise as much money as possible during the month-long initiative.

“Sunnybrook is a great hospital doing important work, and any support we can provide will be appreciated,” said Max, who just finished his U12 season with the Duffield Devils.

Max encourages people of all ages to participate and spread the word about the campaign through social media, emphasizing the importance of creating positive change amidst the current global pandemic.

“The most important thing is to take action – don’t just think about it, but do something about it.  It’s a lot like sports, you can’t achieve anything just thinking about it, you have to go out and do something.”

GTHL players can take their shot to fight COVID and donate through the page here.

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