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Revised Wild Card Play In Format For 2019 OHL Cup Powered by Under Armour

The GTHL was advised this morning that the Detroit Compuware team is withdrawing from the OHL Cup powered by Under Armour. As a result, the following changes have been made to the schedule and format:

The four wild-card game winners will qualify for the OHL Cup as per our released format. This is not changed, however, the start time and overtime format of these games has been adjusted.

The four losing teams in the Wild Card Play-In Games will compete in a playoff for the one spot assigned to Detroit Compuware. A Consolation semi-final and Consolation final will be used to declare this team.

The four losing teams will play a semi-final on Tuesday evening at Scotiabank Pond.

The losing team from WC 1 and losing team from WC 2 will play on Scotiabank #3 at 7:25 pm
The losing team from WC 3 and losing team from WC 4 will play on Scotiabank #4 at 7:25 pm

The two winning teams from these Consolation semi-finals will play Wednesday at Scotiabank Pond #1 at 7:30 am.

The schedule of the Wild Card games and format will be slightly adjusted to give a larger break between the wild card games and consolation semi-finals.

Here are the new start times:

WC 1 – 10:00am
WC 2 – 11:30am
WC 3 – 1:00pm
WC 4 – 2:30pm

If tied after regulation then a 5-minute sudden victory over-time will be played. Teams will play 5 plus a goalie.

If still tied a 5-player shoot-out shall take place.

  • Teams will not change ends for the shootout.
  • The Visiting team will shoot first.
  • The team with the most goals during their three shots is declared the winner.
  • If both teams score the same number of goals during the shootout, a sudden death shootout will begin.
  • The teams alternate taking penalty shots, until one team scores and the other does not, thus producing a winner.
  • All players (except goalies) on a team’s roster must shoot before any player can shoot a second time.
  • If one team uses all available players and can repeat shooters (as per above) the opposing team is also permitted to do so regardless of whether they have gone through their full roster
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