Pre-Season Checklist

The days are getting shorter which means hockey season is mere weeks away. While the season can creep up quickly, there are a few things you can do to get yourself organized for the months ahead.

Check Your Gear
Whether it stayed in the garage all summer or was used frequently, it’s always important to make your gear fits and is in good shape for the start of the season. Getting to the rink only to find out your skates no longer fit is never an ideal situation.

“I’m all about players taking responsibility for some of the logistics,” said Amy Stuart, Head Coach of the Toronto Eagles Atom “A” team. “Even in Tyke, you can expect players to check their own gear with your help.”

Making a checklist of items you need prior to stocking up is helpful to ensure nothing is overlooked, even if it’s just a roll of hockey tape.

Plan the Weeks Ahead
Between games and practices, it’s helpful to write down your schedule for the weeks ahead to make sure the proper amount of time can be dedicated to school and other extra circulars.

“As a midget coach, I emphasize preparation through balance and time management,” said Kevin Berube, Head Coach of the Midget “AA” North York Knights. “If you are as committed to school readiness as you are to hockey readiness you will be successful in both arenas.”

Even for players in younger age groups, pre-planning is a useful habit to incorporate into the routine come September.

“By Atom it’s really helpful to have your player sit down on Sunday to plan their week so that practices and games interfere as little as possible with homework and other responsibilities,” said Stuart.

Anyone else headed to buy a giant family calendar?

Get to Know the Team
While it’s important for players to create a bond with their teammates, it’s equally as important for parents on the team to get acquainted with one another.

“The biggest piece of advice I give parents is to connect with other families and create ride sharing and carpool calendars to help with logistics,” said Stuart.  “Especially if you have more than one kid in competitive sports – that’ll be your biggest lifesaver!”

Parents – you’re going to be spending a lot of time drinking coffee with one another over the next few months, now is the time to familiarize yourself with the faces.

Set Your Goals
What do you want to accomplish this year? Whether it’s to win a Pro Hockey Life Cup or reach a goal milestone, studies prove that people who write down their goals often accomplish much more than those who don’t. Who’s ready for the season?

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