GTHL Rosters Announced for 2018 OHL Gold Cup

The OHL Gold Cup Steering Committee has announced the rosters for the eight teams competing in the 2018 OHL Gold Cup, including the two GTHL teams.

The 160 players named to rosters for the OHL Gold Cup will have greater development opportunities and more training directly from Hockey Canada, thanks to a new format being introduced for the 2018 event. This is being done to create greater symmetry between the OHL Gold Cup and the National Under-17 Selection Camp, which is the next step for these players in the Hockey Canada Program of Excellence.

“After five successful events under the old format, we are pleased to have developed a new structure which better serves the development of the players,” says Phillip McKee, OHL Gold Cup Steering Committee. “Working under the guidance of Hockey Canada staff, we believe this new format will help prepare the Ontario players for the rigours of a national selection camp.”

New features of the OHL Gold Cup in 2018 include: three off-ice education sessions, dedicated position specific practices, and a full-team game-day skate. Additionally, the format of the tournament itself has been updated to feature three pool games and one crossover game on the final day. The OHL Gold Cup champion will be the winner of the A1 versus B1 crossover game.

GTHL teams will be looking to win their fourth consecutive OHL Gold Cup title during the 2018 campaign.

Visit the OHL Gold Cup website for more information.

Number Position First Name Last Name GTHL Team
1 Goalie Tristian Lennox Mississauga Reps
30 Goalie Marco Costantini Vaughan Kings
2 Defense Owen Power Mississauga Reps
3 Defense Lleyton Morre Toronto Marlboros
4 Defense Michael Bianconi Jr. Canadiens
5 Defense Austin D’Orazio Vaughan Kings
6 Defense Owen Porter Toronto Titans
7 Defense Thomas Haynes Mississauga Senators
8 Defense David Gucciardi Don Mills Flyers
9 Forward William Cuylle Toronto Marlboros
10 Forward Stephen Halliday Toronto Marlboros
11 Forward Dylan Robinson Jr. Canadiens
12 Forward Jake Uberti Mississauga Reps
13 Forward Reid Valade Toronto Marlboros
14 Forward Sebastian Bulovs Mississauga Senators
15 Forward Devlin O’Brien Mississauga Reps
16 Forward Liam Babcock Vaughan Kings
17 Forward Kyle Jackson Toronto Red Wings
18 Forward Tyler Tullio Vaughan Kings
19 Forward Davis Young Mississauga Reps
C.J. Bollers Head Coach (Toronto Red Wings, GTHL)
Angela Catenero Assistant Coach (Toronto Red Wings, GTHL)
Steve Devine Assistant Coach (Toronto Marlboros, GTHL)
Carson Bird Goaltending Coach (Clarington Eagles, OHA)
Dr. Joanna Carlo Trainer
Alex Derus Strength and Conditioning
Tony Visca Director of Operations (Clarlington Eagles, OHA)


Number Position First Name Last Name GTHL Team
1 Goalie Joseph Vrbetic Don Mills Flyers
30 Goalie James Gray Toronto Young Nationals
2 Defense Jamie Drysdale Toronto Marlboros
3 Defense Ryan O’Rourke Vaughan Kings
4 Defense Michael Renwick Mississauga Reps
5 Defense Nolan Dillingham-Moreelli Mississauga Rebels
6 Defense Luka Profaca Mississauga Senators
7 Defense Anthony Costantini Vaughan Kings
8 Defense Shawn Spearing Jr. Canadiens
9 Forward Cole Perfetti Vaughan Kings
10 Forward Cameron Peters Toronto Marlboros
11 Forward Jean-Luc Foudy Toronto Titans
12 Forward William Portokalis Don Mills Flyers
13 Forward Riley Piercey Toronto Marlboros
14 Forward Ryan Alexander Toronto Marlboros
15 Forward McKay Hayes Toronto Marlboros
16 Forward Matthew Perciballi Don Mills Flyers
17 Forward Rory Kerins Mississauga Rebels
18 Forward Eric Russell Vaughan Kings
19 Forward Aidan Hughes Mississauga Reps
Gary Camilleri Head Coach (GTHL Program of Excellence)
David Cicchini Assistant Coach (Don Mills Flyers, GTHL)
Santo Rando Assistant Coach (Toronto Young Nationals, GTHL)
Connor Visca Goaltending Coach (Carson Bird Goalie School)
Amanda Gilroy Trainer (Whitby Fury, OJHL)
Garrett Blakey Strength and Conditioning
Tony Visca Director of Operations (Clarlington Eagles, OHA)

For further information regarding the OHL Gold Cup and the Hockey Canada Program of Excellence, please contact Josh Hamilton.

Josh Hamilton
Manager, Marketing, Recruitment, and Development
(416) 636-6845

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