Greater Toronto Hockey League Announces Details Surrounding 2017 Midget All-Star Festival

The Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) has announced details surrounding the 16th annual Midget All-Star Festival, taking place Saturday, January 14, 2017 at Scotiabank Pond in Downsview Park. Players from the League’s Midget A, AA, and AAA divisions will compete at the event. Rosters for the games include a total of 116 players from across all three Midget rep levels

Players in the AAA division were selected via a team of evaluators who observed and evaluated teams and players throughout November and December. Midget AA and A players were nominated by coaches in their respective divisions. Coaches and trainers were selected based on League standings as of late December.

“Heading into the 16th year, we’re very thankful to have continued support for this exciting event,” said GTHL Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer Scott Oakman. “The event gives Midget aged players a great opportunity to showcase their talent to the community and compete against some of the top talent in their age group.”

All 12 AAA teams will be represented at the event, while players from all six A teams will also be participating. A total of eight teams from the AA division will be represented.

All games at the 2017 Midget All-Star Festival are free of charge.

The event schedule will be as follows:
Game Time Category
10:30 a.m. Midget A All-Star Game
1:30 p.m. Midget AAA All-Star Game
4:30 p.m. Midget AA All-Star Game

Midget A Rosters

Number  Name Team Number  Name Team
Goaltenders Goaltenders
1 Owen Crystal Hillcrest Canadiens 1 Aidan White Leaside Flames
30 Samantha Gorman North York Knights 30 Bradley Perez Avalanche
Defense Defense
2 Alexander Lexovsky Hillcrest Canadiens 2 Bryden Upshaw Leaside Flames
3 Jordan Offman Avalanche 3 Aiden Stanley Leaside Flames
4 Emmit Soroka Avalanche 4 Trevor Mills Leaside Flames
5 Mitchell Katzman Avalanche 5 Luc Gucciardi Vaughan Rangers
6 Matt Wright* North York Knights 6 Meyer Jacobs* Goulding Park
7 Isaac Yermus Hillcrest Canadiens 7 Matthew Tanel Vaughan Rangers
Forwards Forwards
8 Taylor Johnson Hillcrest Canadiens 8 Brendan Talmage Leaside Flames
9 Aaron Fuss Hillcrest Canadiens 9 Zachary Doucette Leaside Flames
10 Evan Roher Hillcrest Canadiens 10 Josh Biderman North York Knights
11 Ross Brzozowicz Hillcrest Canadiens 11 Adam Collier North York Knights
12 Max Levy Hillcrest Canadiens 12 Andrew Laver North York Knights
14 Max Gill Avalanche 14 Francesco Colella Vaughan Rangers
15 William Mason Avalanche 15 Matthew Di Poce Vaughan Rangers
16 Max Freedman Avalanche 16 Cooper Mair Goulding Park
17 Ethan Atkinson Avalanche 17 Scott Munn Leaside Flames
Coaching Staff Coaching Staff
HC Corey Shusterman Hillcrest Canadiens HC Rob Stanley Leaside Flames
AC Jeremy Hayden Hillcrest Canadiens AC Kevin Talmage Leaside Flames
TR Bruce Stokes Hillcrest Canadiens TR David Todd Leaside Flames

*Not participating

Midget AA Rosters



Number  Name Team Number  Name Team
Goaltenders Goaltenders
1 David Giancola Mississauga Jets 1 Dylan Cox Streetsville Tigers
30 Luka Kamnik Mississauga Jets 30 Jason Altimari GT Capitals
Defense Defense
2 Grant Whitmore North York Knights 2 Ryan Granelli Vaughan Rangers
3 Adam Virkus Mississauga Jets 3 Jason Silva Streetsville Tigers
4 William Jarzabek Mississauga Jets 4 Charles Di Fiore Streetsville Tigers
5 Nicholas Sabatino Humber Valley 5 Anthony Di Palma Vaughan Rangers
6 Colton Woods GT Capitals 6 Peter Lisena Vaughan Rangers
7 Spencer Tackaberry GT Capitals 7 Joseph Gentile Vaughan Panthers
Forwards Forwards
8 Sebastian Vella North York Knights 8 Benjamin Kitor Streetsville Tigers
9 James Anderson North York Knights 9 Randy Yerxa Streetsville Tigers
10 Erik Rimer North York Knights 10 Luke Robillos Streetsville Tigers
11 James Keane Mississauga Jets 11 Lucas Cook Streetsville Tigers
12 Robert Brillinger GT Capitals 12 Ryan Cherepacha Streetsville Tigers
14 Cole Bremner GT Capitals 14 Alexander Cordeiro Vaughan Rangers
15 Shane Stewart GT Capitals 15 Daniel Alonzi Vaughan Rangers
16 George Trougakos GT Capitals 16 Daniel DeMontis Vaughan Panthers
17 Ryan Haba Humber Valley 17 Mario Lapadula Vaughan Panthers
18 Turner McTiernan Humber Valley 18 Joseph Ierullo Vaughan Panthers
19 Matthew Balzia Toronto Aeros 19 Christian Galluzzo Vaughan Panthers
20 Marco Dias Toronto Aeros 20 Gabriel Schnurr Markham Islanders
Coaching Staff Coaching Staff
HC Don Harris GT Capitals HC John Robillos Streetsville Tigers
AC Ken Bremner GT Capitals AC John Cox Streetsville Tigers
TR Chris Tracey GT Capitals TR Doug Cherepacha Streetsville Tigers

Miget AAA Rosters

Number  Name Team Number  Name Team
Goaltenders Goaltenders
1 James Elmhurst Vaughan Kings 1 Christian Purboo Mississauga Rebels
30 Christian Mattiace Jr. Canadiens 30 Nicolas Daws Toronto Marlboros
31 Tyler Szczepaniak Don Mills Flyers 31 Dylan Tower Toronto Titans
Defense Defense
2 Matthew Wilkins Young Nationals 2 Eric Mergelas Mississauga Rebels
3 Chase Spencer Jr. Canadiens 3 Quentin Martellacci Markham Majors
4 Tyler Capone Don Mills Flyers 4 Dante Fantauzzi Toronto Marlboros
5 Brennan Ireland Vaughan Kings 5 Scott Gaetz Toronto Marlboros
6 Connor Loft Mississauga Reps 6 Jake Cella Toronto Titans
7 Brendan Luther Mississauga Sens 7 Noah Holm North York Rangers
Forwards Forwards
8 Nate Mueller Young Nationals 8 Elijah Brereton-Gonsalves Mississauga Rebels
9 Matthew O’Brien Young Nationals 9 Thomas McKeown Mississauga Rebels
10 Cooper Sharpe Young Nationals 10 Evan Benwell Mississauga Rebels
11 Anthony Romano Jr. Canadiens 11 Maxim Golod Markham Majors
12 Adam Trotman Jr. Canadiens 12 Xavier Drummond Markham Majors
14 Paul Spadafora Don Mills Flyers 14 Erich Roeder Markham Majors
15 Kevin Shirmaly Don Mills Flyers 15 Tyler Flack Toronto Marlboros
16 Kobe Desmond Vaughan Kings 16 Cameron Rayner Toronto Titans
17 Connor McBroom Vaughan Kings 17 Jesse Tucker North York Rangers
18 Joshua Nixon Mississauga Reps 18 Austin Hall North York Rangers
19 Matthew Barazin Mississauga Reps 19 Brady Rutherford Toronto Red Wings
20 Jayden Vaughan Jr. Canadiens 20 Claudio Degasperis Toronto Red Wings
Kyle Barrett* Mississauga Sens
Coaching Staff Coaching Staff
HC Brett Punchard Young Nationals HC Michael O’Shea Mississauga Rebels
AC Rick Varone Jr. Canadiens AC Andre Darlow Markham Majors
AC Patrick Mazzoli Don Mills Flyers AC Richard Gaetz Toronto Marlboros
TR Carlo Morello Young Nationals TR Christopher Sebben Mississauga Rebels


About the Greater Toronto Hockey League
Founded in 1911, the GTHL is a non-profit organization and the largest minor hockey league in the world. The GTHL registers more than 40,000 annual participants in Mississauga, Toronto, Markham and Vaughan.

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