Coach’s Clipboard: Brad Robins

Brad Robins (right) alongside Mario Boscarino (left)

When it comes to hockey, Brad Robins knows there’s more to the game than just winning. The Business Hockey Institute has called him a game changer in terms of his sports marketing capabilities. With years of experience helping market professional athletes, Robins has developed strategies to emphasize the lifestyle, personal branding, and passion of his players.

These three things are key for some of Robins’ clients, which includes the likes of NHL superstars such as Carey Price, Frederik Andersen, and Braden Holtby. But the expertise he offers isn’t limited to professionals alone. This season, Robins will be an Assistant Coach of the Minor Atom “AAA” Toronto Marlboros, where he will continue hosting sessions with each player and their parents to help maximize the collective experience of playing hockey. Alongside Head Coach Mario Boscarino, Robins welcomes the challenge of working with players who are younger and more impressionable.

“It’s a perfect opportunity to help teach the intangibles of not only being a good player, but a good person too,” says Robins. “Each player has different goals for playing the game, and each has needs to be met, whether it be a serious commitment to getting better, learning life skills, or simply having fun.”

In his current role with a youth hockey organization, Robins has grown to understand the youth space, including how to translate the aspirations of young players into actual growth. The competitive environment in sport can put a lot of pressure on kids today, and according to Brad, this isn’t always a good thing.

“With structure built around winning, there is significant emphasis on not making a mistake. My belief is, let’s make mistakes. Let’s learn, let’s try things that you are uncomfortable with. On top of this, let’s make sure the kid’s paramount focus is having fun.”

By sitting down with players and parents throughout the course of the season, Robins plans to ensure that each player reaches their full potential. Robins’ coaching style will isolate three main objectives: help the player be realistic, teach them about setting goals, and lastly teach the attributes of team building. Together, these elements will make up a constructive focus for the player, while fun is always the main goal.

“It’s an honour to be part of such a historic and prestigious organization for both the players and myself,” added Brad. “The kids are very tense, they need to go home with a smile on their face so their parents can say that they had a great time and are ready to go at it again tomorrow.”

The Minor Atom Toronto Marlboros kick off their regular season on September 11.

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