Top 10 Captain Trades

Captains rarely get traded, so when they do it’s usually a huge deal. With the internet abuzz at the Maple Leafs dealing Dion Phaneuf, we look back at a few other captains that were sent out of town.

10. Jason Spezza to Dallas – 2014
Not a bad team to be a part of these days.

9. Joe Thornton to San Jose – 2005
He’s been there ever since.

8. John Scott to Montreal – 2016
He was the captain of the Pacific All-Star team. You get the point…

7. Dion Phaneuf to Ottawa – 2016
The trade that shocked the hockey world and freed up cap space fot he Leafs.

6. Jaromir Jagr to Washington – 2001
After 10 years with the Pens, he moved on to his second of eight NHL teams.

5. Jarome Iginla to Pittsburgh – 2013
After 18 years with the club.

4. Ryan Callahan for Martin St. Louis – 2014
A two-captain swap is nearly unheard of.

3. Mark Messier to New York – 1991
Only years after the Oilers dealt The Great One.

2. Ray Bourque to Colorado – 2000
And he finally won a Cup.

1. Wayne Gretzky to LA – 1988
The biggest trade of all time. 

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