Top 10 All-Star Moments

With the NHL’s annual showcase upon us, we look at the best moments from past All-Star Games and Skills Competitions. 

10. 2011 – Phil Kessel selected last in the All-Star draft. Ovi takes photos of him.


9. 2015 – Voracek uses Gaudreau to help him in the breakaway relay.


8. 1996 – Ray Bourque scores the game-winner in Boston.


7. 2009 – Ovechkin busting out the sunglasses, hat, and Canadian flag in the breakaway competition.

6. 1998 – Mario Lemieux earns three goals and three assists – including the overtime winner – in a 6-5 victory for the Wales Conference.


5. 2012 – Zdeno Chara blasts a 108.8 MPH slap shot.



4. 1992 and 199 – Ray Bourque was a legend in the accuracy shooting competition, going 4-for-4 in consecutive years.


3. 1983 – Gretzky scores four times in the 3rd period.


2. 2003 – Dany Heatley scores four times and adds an assist at age 22. Of course he went on to score 50 in ’07.


1. 1997 – Owen Nolan calls his shot for the hat trick in San Jose.


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