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Home Days for Upcoming Season (Updated May 27) 
Club Home Days (2015-2016 Season) UPDATED May 27
Home Days for clubs for the 2015-2016 season are available. HERE.
This chart will be updated periodically as home dates are submitted and approved.
Daily Updates
OT Formats and To Be Determined Game Slots
Games with Potential Over-time will have their format listed here. CLICK.
If your games schedules calls for a TBD slot for the following day then the potential match-ups are listed here. CLICK.
In the event that your schedule indicates a TBA arena or a timeslot that is early in the morning, this is to indicate that your team will be playing on that day and/or that arena, however the time has not yet been determined. This is done to give your team as much notice as possible as to what days and what arenas they will be playing at. As we approach the actual date of the game, times and arenas will become finalized.
Format Changes
The Peewee "A" GTHL Final will see each game play over-time until winner.
Play-Off Time
Tie-Breaker Games
The GTHL has a unqiue format for deciding first overall and the last play-off spot.  If a tie in the Standings exists then a One-Game Play-off takes place. This section will keep you updated on those games.
Minor Midget "AAA" - January 12th - First Place Overall
Minor Atom "A" East - January 31st - Last play-off spot
Atom "A" East - February 3rd- First Place Overall
Bantam "AAA" - February 3rd - First Place Overall
Midget "A" - February 12th - Last play-off spot
Minor Peewee "A" West - February 12th - Last play-off spot
Minor Bantam "AAA" - February 13th - Last play-off spot
Midget Jr. "A" West - February 15th - First Place Overall
Parking at Lambton Arena
When parking at Lambton Arena, please be advised that parking in the grassy area at the arena is not permitted. Please only park in the designated parking spot area. There are a number of games being run on Sundays at Lambton, but please only park in designated parking spots.
January 8, 2015
Remainder of the Regular Season Schedule Posted
The remainder of the GTHL Regular Season Schedule has now been posted. All teams from all divisions have now had all of their regular season games scheduled and posted. For some divisions this will go out as far as February 16. 
January 8, 2015
Midget A and AA Playoff Break
For the Midget A and AA divisions only, there will be a break in the playoff schedule from March 13th to March 22nd. During this time no playoff games will be scheduled for the Midget A and Midget AA divisions.
January 2, 2015
Schedule Changes due to Silver Stick Finals
With a number of teams qualifying for the Silver Stick Finals over the Winter Break, changes have been made to the schedule. Please double check your teams schedule to ensure that you have the correct dates, times and locations for when your team is playing.
January 2, 2015
Week 21 Online
The GTHL League Schedule has been posted for the time period of January 26th - February 2nd. For many teams this will mark the last week of the regular season as well as the beginning of the playoffs for some teams.
December 19,2015
Week 20 Released
The GTHL Leauge Schedule has been posted for the time period from January 19th - January 25th. The regular season is almost coming to a close but we have a full slate of games this week. This week also sees the Midget Exam break begin.
December 12, 2014
Week 19, Coming Down To The Wire
The GTHL League Schedule has been posted for the time period from January 12th - January 18th. As we reach the end of January, the regular season schedule is coming to a close. We have the Minor Midget AAA playoffs beginning in this week. There are also a number of teams away with tournaments.
December 11, 2014
Games To Be Played As Scheduled
All games that are scheduled for today, Thursday December 11th, will be played as scheduled.
December 5, 2014
Week 18 Available
The GTHL League Schedule has been posted for the time period from January 5th - January 11th. Coming out of the Winter Break, we have a large number of teams with schedule exemptions carrying over from the Holidays.
Novmeber 28th, 2014
Week 17, A New Year
The GTHL League Schedule has been posted until January 4th, 2015. We are now into the new year and are gearing up towards the playoffs. The Winter Break runs from December 24th to January 1st.
November 21st, 2014
Week 15 and 16 Posted
The GTHL League Schedule has been posted until December 23rd.  The GTHL Winter Break takes place from December 24th to January 1st.
November 15th, 2014
Schedule Flow - Bantam "AAA" and Midget "AAA"
These two loops will be completed by January 31st.  This is to accommodate a requirement to have a Champion declared one week before their Hockey Canada events.
November 15th, 2014
Midget All-Star Day
The Midget All-Star Day shall take place on January 17th at Buckingham Arenas. More info to follow on the GTHL web-site. 
November 14th, 2014
GTHL Prospects Game
The Minor Midget "AAA" Prospects Game will take place on December 16th at Buckingham Arenas. Practices for this game will take place on December 15th.  More info to follow on the GTHL web-site.
November 13th, 2104
Week 14 
Week 14 has been released.  The next time period release will take the GTHL schedule from December 15th to December 23rd.  The GTHL observes a Winter Break so teams can play in tournaments or take time off from December 24th to January 1st.  League Games resume on January 2nd.
November 13th, 2104
Bantam "AA" East Schedule Changes
Please note the Toronto Aces have folded.  The Aces entire 36 game schedule will be recorded as 1-0 losses for the Aces.  All 36 games will be placed into the schedule so that the Aces component of our League schedule is completed.
November 6th, 2014
Week 13 rolls into December
The time period of December 1st to 7th has been posted. It's a week with over 100 tems using an exemption and one club day exemption.
October 30th, 2014
Week 12 Release - American Thanksgiving Week
The schedule time period of November 24th to 30th has been released.  Since this time period covers the American Thanksgiving it's quite busy with 77 teams using an exemption which extends for most teams from the Thursday to the following Monday.  On most travels the schedule is altered with teams using a Friday to Sunday which only effects three days of filling ice slots when they travel but in this case five days will be altered as the teams that stay in town will fill open ice.
October 23rd, 2014
Week 11 Release
This week has close to 500 regular season games to be played.  There are 81 teams using exemptions and two club day exemptions as well.
October 16th, 2014
Schedule Flow - Midget "AA"
This loop will be using December 19th to 23rd as catch-up for any teams that fall behind in the league schedule.  With a late start to the season of October 1st and an exam break of January 23rd to 29th the regular season is on pace for a February 8th completion.  The catch-up days are only for teams that fall behind and this is usually a result of using exemptions with long lay-offs.
October 16th, 2014
Week 10 of 31 has been posted
504 League games are added to the schedule with 62 teams using an exemption.
October 9th, 2014
Schedule Flow - Minor Midget "AAA"
The Minor Midget "AAA" loop will have the most accelerated pace of games this year.  The regular season is on pace to end on January 11th. They have the OHL Cup Championship in mid-March(March 17th to 23rd) plus will have a shut-down(February 18th to March 4th) during the Canada Winter Games as some of our players will participate on behalf of Team Ontario.
October 9th, 2014
Week 9 Posted to the Web
The schedule time period of November 3rd to 9th has been released.  Another busy week in the GTHL with a number of GTHL tournaments taking place on our usual game ice and 179 teams using a schedule exemption.  We also have 4 teams using a Club Exemptions.
October 2nd, 2014
Week 8 Released
The schedule time period of October 27th to November 2nd has been released. With many teams returning from the various tournaments of the week before, we only have 8 teams with schedule exemptions, and one club using their club day exemption.
October 2nd, 2014
Halloween Night
Due to the fact that Friday October 31st is Halloween, there have been alterations made to the schedule. On Friday October 31st, only teams aged Minor Midget and above will be playing games. Vice versa, on Saturday November 1st, only teams aged Bantam and younger will be playing games.
September 25th, 2014
Week 7 Released
The schedule time period of October 20th to October 26th has been released. Our busiest week of the season so far, seeing 116 teams using schedule exemptions, as well as more than 500 games being played this week. Midget “AA” teams should note that this past week we had another team fold and changes were made to the League Schedules.
September 18th, 2014
Week 6 Hits the Web
The schedule time period of October 13th to 19th has been released.  This time period will see 104 teams use their exemptions while 4 clubs are using their club day exemption.  Locally we also see our ice effected as two tournaments are being hosted within the GTHL arenas.  Some schedule changes have taken place over the past week due to folding teams in Midget "AA", Atom "A" West and Midget "AA" Jr. East.  Take a look at your entire schedule to make sure you know your schedule.
September 17th, 2014
"A" and "AA" Models
All competitions shall play a 36 game schedule.  At the end of the season , the tie-breakers that are used will depend on if your group was BALANCED or UNBALANCED.  Balanced would mean that you played all the teams in your conference an equal amount of times.
September 17th, 2014
Midget "AA" Model
With the folding of the Leaside Kings this week, we have changed the format for this loop.  It will be one combined league with a Balanced Schedule.  All 13 teams will compete in a GTHL-wide competition.
Altered Flood Schedule
Please note, an Altered Flood Schedule will be used in SOME arenas to ensure our game program can be completed within our allotted times.  This takes place when two games from Bantam to Midget are scheduled.
The first game will follow the regular flood schedule with floods before the start of the game and another in-between the second and third period. As soon as that game ends, the second game in the back to back will begin without a flood and play the first period. In-between the first and second period, the only flood of this game will take place and those teams will play the second and third period on the fresh ice.
If the first game did not have a flood due to a five goal spread then we revert to a regular flood schedule in Game #2. 
Below is an outline of what was described above:
Game 1 (bantam to midget) - Flood
1st period, 2nd period
3rd period
Game 2 (bantam to midget) - 1st period
2nd period, 3rd period
The following are rinks that will use the above format regularly:
Etobicoke Centennial, Herbert Carnegie Centre, VSV-B, VSV-D
Lambton, Ted Reeve
Etobicoke Ice Sports #3
St.Mike's(last two games), Ted Reeve
September 11th, 2014
Week 5 Released
The schedule time period of October 6th to 12th has been posted.  With this time period covering the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend , there were 60 teams using thier exemptions.   What this means is that the teams that remain in the GTHL end up seeing a pretty heavy weekend as well of regular season games.  Also during the production of this time period we had to re-work the Atom "A" West loop as a team folded.
September 5th,2014
Week 4 Released
The time period of September 29th to October 5th has been released.  There are 32 scheduling exemptions being used plus another 20 teams that used an exemption to block out a large part of the week for religious practices.  Don't forget folks an exemption isn't just for tournaments its for whatever a team feels is important enough to not play games.  There are also two Club exmeptions this week as well. 
September 5th,2014
What time is it ?
With the entire Midget 'A', 'AA' and 'AAA' programs starting on October 1st it meant that the remaining teams may have had some later weeknight starts in the first three weeks of the season.  With these teams now joining the schedule in week 4 you should see less of the later starts for most teams.
September 5th, 2014
Midget 'A' and 'AA' Models
The Midget 'A' group will play in one league.  With a geographic inbalance the Interlock would not have created enough of a mix of competition.  The Midget 'AA' group will play in two conferences with an Interlock schedule.  Teams will compete for play-off positions within their conference.
September 5th, 2014
AAA Schedule Formats
Minor Atom to Midget will play a Balanced 33-game schedule.
Under 21 will play a Balanced 35-game schedule.
September 4th, 2014
The Mulligan ?
Please note that some scheduling changes took place to some of the league schedules in the first three weeks of the schedule.  This was related to each club being given one 'mulligan' on situations when a team failed to request a schedule exemption.  The 'mulligan' is a GTHL rule that allows a club to get an exemption after the schedule is released.  This year the use of the 'mulligan' at the start of the year is a little bit more than usual so please double-check your schedule.
Weeks 1,2,3 have been released - " Let's get it started ! "
August 29th , 2014
The GTHL's first three weeks have been posted.  The "AAA" schedule starts on September 8th while the "AA" and "A" schedule starts on September 15th.  After a busy pre-season our GTHL teams jump right into action with a full schedule.  Puck Drop weekend is taking place at Canlan York on September 20th and 21st so not only bring your 'A' game to play but bring some friends and family to take part in the fun and festivities.  We are talking giveaways and former NHLers looking to meet our GTHLers.  On September 14th the Markham Majors host an opening day at Thornhill Arena while on September 28th the Streetsville Tigers host their entire club with a game day starting at 10:00am at Vic Johnston Arena. 
A few folks have asked about posting the first three weeks in late August as opposed to earlier in August as each tournament submission deadline passes.  The reason for this is that in August we are still dealing with a schedule in flux as a few teams fold late while others get re-classified.  Another big challenge can be that some rinks fall behind on a renovation schedule and games get shifted.  With so many issues affecting the schedule we like to work on it behind the scenes so that we don't release a schedule that has to be retracted and reposted multiple times,  that would just get confusing.  Our late August release which we have used for the last 15 years allows us to make sure that our schedule is pretty solid and that changes that are needed should already be in there. 
Have a great season folks and remember to check in on the News Page of the Games Centre for news related to the GTHL schedule.
Midget "A" Jr. and Midget "AA" Jr. Schedule Model 
Both the Midget "A" Jr. and Midget "AA" Jr. schedules for this year will use the traditional two conference format.  Teams will only play against teams in thier own conferences.
 First Schedule Release
Jun 9 2014
The first schedule will be released on August 30th and will show the first three weeks of the GTHL season.  That means the first three weeks for 'AAA' teams and the first two weeks for 'AA' & 'A' teams. Keep your eyes on this page to find out when the following weeks will be posted online. The AAA' season will commence on September 8th while the 'AA' and 'A' season will start on Septemebr 15th.
GTHL Puck Drop Weekend
Jun 9 2014
The Greater Toronto Hockey League's 4th Annual Puck Drop weekend will be held at York University Ice Sports from September 20th to 21st. This event has teams from many age groups and locations come to York to play league games in a tournament style atmosphere to kick off the season.  Hope to see you there! 
BladeNet - GTHL App Announcement
Sep 5 2013
BladeNet's launch of their Scores & Schedule App release for iOS will be delayed for the start of the 2013-2014 season.  The delay is due to a new release that offers a free option and a paid option.
The App, which is available for iPhone and iPad users, will be available approximately October 15th via iTunes.  Other smart phone versions will be considered in the future and users will be notified if they become available.
BladeNet donates $0.50 from each App purchase towards the GTHL Legacy Fund, a fund established by the GTHL to assist players and families who need financial support in order to play hockey.
We apologize for inconvenience this way cause and are working on having the functionality available approximately mid-October.
Midget 'A" & 'AA' Timelines
For both Midget 'A' and Midget 'AA' the following changes have been made to the scheduling for the 2014-2015 season:
- The Season will begin on October 1st
- There will be a break during the 4 or 5 week days of the exam period
- There will be two tournament-style weekends where each team will play 4 games.  The first will be the weekend before the Holiday Break and the second will be held the second weekend in February.
- There will be NO playoff games scheduled over March 13th to 22nd inclusive.

Midget and Midget Jr Divisions
Please be advised, the following age categories will have specified divisional formats for the 2014-2015 season:
Midget Jr. 'A' - TBD
Midget Jr. 'AA - TBD
Midget 'A' - TBD
Midget 'AA' - TBD
Tournament / Exemption Form
What is a Tournament/Exemption Form?
A tournament form is needed for every tournament you take part in. It acts as an insurance form; it also acts as an exemption form and most importantly if your team is not in a tournament but needs to be exempted it serves this purpose as well. You can use this form for a non-tournament but please remember it would still count as 1 of 3 exemptions. 

Exhibition Games
All Season Long....How do I get approval for Exhibition Games?
Any time you play an exhibition game you must have your club GM or President submit your game particulars. Your GM needs to know the date, location, time and opponent. The GTHL's Central Registry can then be contacted to arrange officials at 905-951-7946.

What's an Interlock?
With the split in the Midget "AA" and "A" age groups to offer a Midget Jr. Division you will now see that two age groups could play an Interlocking type of schedule.  These divisions will still compete in a traditional East and West format but will also play some of their games against the other division.  The Interlock schedule was chosen as a way to ensure that small divisions would be able to see a wider field of opponents. 

White Hockey Pucks
Coaches using White Hockey Pucks must collect all of them at the end of their practice.  Pucks left on the ice after a practice are difficult for rink staff to see and can (have) cause damage to a zamboni.  Coaches should do a white puck count at the beginning and end of practices. 

Lambton Arena
Players are asked to exit the ice surface from the end-zone doors and not use the centre ice exit door when entering or exiting the ice surface.

MasterCard Centre Policy on Warming up Off-Ice
Please be aware that playing with pucks, balls, golf balls, balls of tape etc. is not allowed in the dressing rooms or anywhere around the perimeter of our rinks or lobby of the MasterCard Centre.  Failure to comply will result in ejection from the facility. Your co-operation and help with this would be appreciated and would assist in keeping our facility safe and clean.

City of Toronto Policy on Warming Up in the Arena
We would like to ask your help during the 2009/2010 hockey season. Could you please speak to your coaches, parents, officials etc. and let them know that hockey playing with pucks, balls, balls of tape etc. is not allowed in the dressing rooms or any where around the perimeter of our arenas. Any cooperation and help you can give us with this would be appreciated and would assist in keeping our arenas clean.

Looking For Ice?
Looking for extra ice?
Check out Canlan Ice Sports-York for practice ice throughout the season.
Need extra practice ice?
Check out Chesswood Arenas or Westwood Arenas for ice time throughout the season.
Looking for extra ice in Mississauga? Check this out!
The Mississauga Recreation & Parks Dept. has recently enhanced their "Connect2Rec Communication Channel" to allow visitors the opportunity to check ice time availability at any of the City's 12 Arenas (20 rinks). To grab some extra ice for your team, please click here.
Are you looking for ice?
The City of Toronto now offers GTHL teams the chance to permit extra ice using an automated system. To grab some extra ice for your team, please click here.

Incorrect Scores
What do you do if a score is incorrect?
From time to time a score will be reported incorrectly on the GTHL Web-Site. This may be due to an error on the game sheet or perhaps the score being recorded incorrectly. When this occurs simply fax the game sheet - to the attention of Alex Rose - to 416-636-2035 and list the cover page as Score Correction. Once we receive this information we can make the appropriate correction. This fax should be sent by the Head Coach or Manager of the team to ensure the office doesn't receive numerous enquiries about the same incorrect score.

Previous Standings
Looking For Standings from Previous Years?
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