Midget All-Star Festival

The 2018 Midget All-Star Festival will take place on February 5, 6, and 9 at Scotiabank Pond. The week long festival will once again showcase our Midget A, AA and AAA players. The games will be scheduled as follows:

Midget AAA Friday, February 2 – 7:30pm
Midget A Monday, February 5 – 7:30pm
Midget AA Tuesday, February 6 – 7:30pm

Selection Process
Greater Toronto Hockey League Midget “A” and “AA” hockey clubs will be asked to submit a list of six candidates, ranked in order, for their possible selection to the Midget All-Star Festival.

Directors of player development will use November and December to observe and evaluate “AAA” players on their physical play, offense and defense skills, positioning and skating. The evaluation process will include a selection panel grading the players, with independent evaluators under the stewardship of Tony Visca, Coordinator of Player Development.

Midget All-Star Committee
Player Selection: Tony Visca (AAA) – Coordinator, Player Development
Evaluators: Tony Visca (Midget AAA), Al Mason (AAA)

Midget All-Star Sponsors
RYR Sports – Joe Kenney
Buckingham Sports