King Clancy Cup

The King Clancy Cup is open to non-playoff “A” teams from the GTHL and MHL as well as non-playoff “AA” and “AAA” teams from the GTHL. All other teams must receive approval from tournament officials. CLICK HERE to see an eligibility chart.

The 2018 King Clancy Cup can start as early as February 20th for some divisions with a majority of divisions starting Saturday, February 24th.  The tournament will end on Championship Weekend,  April 14-15.

There is no specific deadline to register at this time as the deadline to register within any of the potential divisions is specifically dictated by the end of the GTHL Regular Season within those divisions.

To view registered teams for the 2018 King Clancy Cup, see chart below.

CLICK HERE to Register for the 2018 King Clancy Cup.
Please note:  The $2000 registration fee DOES NOT include game sheet fees.  For information on game sheet fees, please CLICK HERE.

Teams will be responsible for paying game sheet fees to the GTHL Rink Attendants prior to the beginning of each game. There are no gate fees

Registration and payment (by credit card) will only be available online through the link above when available.  Per standard GTHL policy, please ensure that your club GM also submits a Tournament Approval Form (Travel Permit) online. Non-GTHL teams must follow their organization’s normal tournament approval process.

Please also note that games WILL be played during March Break, which begins Saturday, March 10th and ends Sunday, March 18th.

GTHL MINIMUM SUSPENSION LIST will be used throughout the course of the tournament.

2018 tournament format and playoff structure are COMING SOON.

GTHL Tournament sanction number: 5386

Schedule Information

The GTHL Website (GTHL Games Centre) at will be the only means of game notification. To view schedules, choose the “King Clancy Tournament” drop-down menu. Any team failing to appear as scheduled shall be assessed the regular GTHL default fee.

Please note that times and locations of some games will be listed as TBD. The date for each game will be correct. For example, you may see a 1:00am game at rink TBD1. Game times and locations will be updated closer to the game date.

 2018 King Clancy Cup – Registered Teams
(as of Feb 16, 2018)
Teams listed in Green are confirmed entrants based on eligibility requirements
Teams listed in yellow are not confirmed entrants based on eligibility requirements but may still qualify

Minor Atom A Minor Atom AA Minor Atom AAA
Atom A Atom AA Atom AAA
Minor Peewee A Minor Peewee AA Minor Peewee AAA
Peewee A Peewee AA Peewee AAA
Minor Bantam A Minor Bantam AA Minor Bantam AAA
Bantam A Bantam AA Bantam AAA
Minor Midget A Minor Midget AA Minor Midget AAA
Midget A Jr Midget AA Jr Midget AAA
Midget A Midget AA


History of the King Clancy Cup

In 1936-37, the King Clancy Tournament was born. No matter where they finished or how early they were eliminated in Regular Series competition, every team started from scratch in the Clancy Series.

Tournament Format & Schedule Information

Updated 2018 King Clancy Cup Round-Robin format by division: Round-Robin Format
Updated 2018 King Clancy Cup tie-breaking formulas can be found here: Tie Breaking Formulas
Updated 2018 King Clancy Cup OT format can be found here: OT Format
Updated 2018 King Clancy Cup Playoff format can be found here: Playoff Format

Tournament format is based on the number of teams that enter within a division.

Playoffs will be determined by the rankings/results after the round-robin games. Playoff structure will be determined by the number of teams in each division. Each division MAY have quarter-finals but at minimum semi-finals and a championship game (April 14 or 15).

Tournament Withdrawal

If a team withdrawals from the tournament for any reasons other than qualifying for playoffs they will be charged a $25 fee. If the withdrawal is requested on short notice a fee for a defaulted game may apply.

If a team is registered into the King Clancy Cup then makes the playoffs, payment is refunded without penalty.

Teams will be responsible for paying game sheet fees to the GTHL Rink Attendants prior to the beginning of each game. There are no gate fees.


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