Top 10 signs it’s the first month of the hockey season

By Brendon Crossman
Oct 8 2013

Ahhhh, there’s nothing like fall! The leaves change, Halloween candy hits the shelves, and the – hockey gear starts smelling again?

You got it, folks! We’re well into another hockey season and there are some tell-tale signs that help us recognize that the puck has dropped across our hockey-loving country.

Top 10 signs it’s the first month of the hockey season
10. Parents, players (and sometimes coaches!) sport their shorts, t-shirts and flip flops around the rink.

9. Players in soccer uniforms hurry out of the arena, off to burn more of their seemingly unlimited energy.

8. Humidity + cold rinks = foggy games.

7. Groups of parents and fans stand outside by the car to warm up before or between games.

6. Tim Hortons cups are without the familiar winter landscape or “Rrroll up” rims.

5. Wet, smelly gear catching some rays on the roofs of cars between tournament games.

4. Warm sunny days give way to brisk fall temperatures. But don’t worry, no snow quite yet!

3. Players rock shorts and tees for their pre-game warm-up outside the arena. Enjoy it while you can!

2. Trunks that look a little something like this…

1. Fresh legs, motivated players and best of all – great hockey!


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