Changes to Midget “A” and “AA” Programming Announced

Over the past year, the Greater Toronto Hockey League’s Hockey Committee conducted a review of the Midget age hockey programming for both the “A” and “AA” categories. In consultation with our Clubs, players, and parents, the Hockey Committee made several recommendations that were approved by the GTHL Board of Directors that include the following changes to Midget “A” and “AA”. These changes will be implemented for the 2017-18 season.

  • The season will be based upon a schedule consisting of approximately 30 games.
  • The season will start October 1st.
  • Games will not be scheduled during the first week of January (January 1-7), exam break in late January, and March Break.
  • To accommodate these periods in which games will not be scheduled, teams will be limited to two tournaments during the regular season
  • On some occasions, all Midget “A” and “AA” teams will play simultaneously in the same venue in a festival-like atmosphere

In addition to the revised changes, Clubs and teams are asked to consider only one practice per week.

The Hockey Committee will monitor the success of this program throughout the 2017-18 season. Any changes for 2018-19 will be based upon the success of this pilot project, and may grow to include Midget Jr. in future seasons.

The GTHL Midget “A” group will be one combined league with 11 teams.  The Midget “AA” group will be one combined league with 10 teams, based on entries as of June 12.

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